6 Things You Need To Know When Riding A Camel

June 8, 2022 Posted by: gbt in Blog

Keen to go camel riding?

Here are 6 things you need to know:

Photo by Destination NSW

1. Camels spit – a lot

And they don’t just spit when they’re angry – they tend to do it quite frequently, especially when they’re eating. So, if you’re planning on riding close to a camel’s head, be prepared to get spat on. “It’s not pleasant, but it’s just part of the experience”, says a Melbourne air conditioning expert who had a disgusting and unique yet fun experience of a lifetime.

2. Camels are slow

Don’t expect to go racing across the desert on a camel – they tend to plod along at a relatively slow pace. But, that being said, they can cover a lot of ground in a day, so if you’re planning on doing some serious camel trekking, they’re definitely the way to go.

3. Camels can be stubborn

If a camel doesn’t want to do something, there’s not really much you can do to convince it otherwise. So, if you’re planning on going for a camel ride, make sure you’re prepared to deal with a bit of stubbornness.

4. They’re really strong

Despite their slow pace, camels are actually quite strong animals. They can easily carry heavy loads – up to 270 kilograms – “so please be gentle, they are not something you want to go up against”, points out a local Brisbane plumber who found out the hard way.

Photo by Destination NSW

5. Camels are adaptable

 Camels are able to go without water for long periods of time, which makes them ideal for desert travel. They can also go for long periods without food, so if you’re planning on doing some extended camel trekking, they’re definitely the way to go.

6. Camel rides are fun!

Despite all of the things to keep in mind when riding a camel, it’s important to remember that they can actually be quite fun. If you’re prepared for the experience, and you go into it with the right attitude, you’re sure to have a good time.

There’s something really magical about riding a camel along the shore, with the wind in your hair, the sound of the waves crashing, and the sun setting in the background.

Also, camel riding is actually quite a workout, so you’ll definitely feel like you’ve accomplished something after your ride!

You don’t often get the opportunity to ride a camel, so it’s definitely something that you’ll remember for years to come.

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Photo by Destination NSW

Ready To Ride?

When mounting a camel, first make sure that the camel is kneeling down. If it’s not, then ask someone to help hold the camel steady while you climb onto its back. Put your left foot into the stirrup, and then swing your right leg over the camel’s back. Once you’re seated, grab onto the saddle with both hands.

To dismount, simply reverse the process – swing your right leg over the camel’s back, and then your left. “If you’re getting off the camel while it’s still standing up, make sure to hold onto something steady, like the saddle, so that you don’t fall over when the camel stands up again”, suggests a chiropractor from Sydney.

To control the camel, you’ll need to use the reins. The rein on the right side of the camel’s head controls its direction, while the one on the left controls its speed. To make the camel go forward, pull on both reins simultaneously. To make it stop, pull on the left rein. And to make it turn, pull on one rein while loosening the other.

Just like that you’re an instant pro!

Photo by Destination NSW